TV Rewind – Where’s Rodney? (1990)

Episode #1 – Where’s Rodney? (1990)


From the Phuyuck and For Your Consideration Podcast Archives we bring you repackaged and brand new episodes!!

VHS Rewind! Creators, Mark Jeacoma and Chris Hasler discuss the 1990 pilot episode of Where’s Rodney?

A 12 year old boy looks for advice and inspiration from his idol – stand-up comic Rodney Dangerfield!

Corey Haim: Me, Myself and I!

The Classic!

from IMDB
“Corey Haim wrote and starred in this exploitation movie, which is dedicated entirely to himself. Through the course of it, we are led on a tour of his “everyday life, ” which includes a one-on-one hockey game with a middle aged man, him modelling the latest fashions, and several “heartfelt” talks about what a decent guy he is. Written by Duke

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episode 1- 1

The Intro screen

episode 1- 0

This is the guy who is responsible for making this gem – Brooke McCarter

episode 1- 2

Your basic scene

episode 1- 3

A moment on the couch with Corey

episode 1- 4