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Mark Jeacoma and Christopher Hasler are movie nerds who get together once in awhile and ramble on about movies, TV and old times. To understand our humor you MUST smile when you read the following movie review quotes:

200 Cigarettes (1999)
“Seeing a film like this helps you to realize that actors are empty vessels waiting to be filled with characters and dialogue… Here they are contained by small ideas and arch dialogue, and lack the juice of life. Maybe another 200 cigarettes would have helped; coughing would be better than some of this dialogue.” — Roger Ebert


Johnny Be Good (1988)
“This movie is simply financial leakage, a squandering of resources equivalent to polluting a river or plowing under a rain forest. I’m serious. We’re desperate for things to think about in this society, and these guys contribute to the situation by providing us with 86 minutes of zip. They oughta have their pictures on the post office wall.” — Roger Ebert


 (Actually I want to see this)
Diary of Forbidden Dreams (1976)
“If [a talented director has] made several good films, chances are that sooner or later someone will give him the money to make a supremely bad one. I wonder how much Carlo Ponti gave Roman Polanski to make Diary of Forbidden Dreams. Ten cents would have been excessive.” — Roger Ebert

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