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MBA – The Osmonds Crazy Horses LP Review

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MBA - The Osmonds Crazy Horses LP Review

Season 2 Episode 2

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Crazy Horses LP Review
Mark and Chris discuss and play the 1972 groundbreaking album by The Osmonds – Crazy Horses!

3 thoughts on “MBA – The Osmonds Crazy Horses LP Review

  • Wendy Warren

    Just bear in mind the ages of the brothers when they wrote/recorded this album 15 through to 23 and before you do the cliche’ thing of let’s knock The Osmonds,simply because it is the done thing by everyone who isn’t a fan. Do yourselves a favour and listen to The Plan and criticise that if you will!

    • You seem to be having a knee-jerk reaction to two guys goofing on music from 45 years ago. Hilarious!

      We celebrate and embrace the craziness of not only the 1970’s but also the wacky Osmond albums! There is not one song or album from any musician that I will not give my 2-cents on, especially The Osmonds!

      And “The Plan” will be reviewed and completely dissected in the near future….

      FYI writing credits are “All songs written and composed by Alan Osmond, Merrill Osmond and Wayne Osmond except where noted.”
      And the ages would be about 18-21

      – Mark

  • Carole Nielson

    Crazy Horses is sung my Jay and Merrill ,Wayne is the guitar solo.


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