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Vintage Cable Box June 1984: National Lampoon’s Class Reunion/The Hitchhiker/Blue Skies Again

National Lampoon’s Class Reunion, 1982 (Gerritt Graham), ABC Motion Pictures “Most likely to die crossing the street.” This is one

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Vintage Cable Box June 1984: The Dark Crystal/Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

The Dark Crystal, 1982 (Stephen Garlick/Lisa Maxwell) Universal Pictures Even on an unconscious level, the storytelling of Star Wars was

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Vintage Cable Box June 1984: Megaforce/Doctor Detroit/There’s No Business Like Show Business/Marilyn

Megaforce, 1982 (Barry Bostwick), 20th Century Fox “I just wanted to say goodbye and remind you that the good guys

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Franchise Rewind: Star Wars (1977) The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Return of the Jedi (1983)

Star Wars, 1977 (Mark Hamill) 20th Century Fox/Lucasfilm The Empire Strikes Back, 1980 (Carrie Fisher) 20th Century Fox/Lucasfilm Return of

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RetroTV: Three’s Company – And Now, Here’s Jack

Join Leah and Mark as we “go live” with Jack on the next Three’s Company episode, And Now, Here’s Jack!

This episode of Three’s Company is Season 6 episode 23 and first aired March 23rd 1983.

Jack (John Ritter) is invited to do a cooking segment for the local morning show. Janet (Joyce DeWitt) and Terri (Priscilla Barnes) are Jack’s cooking assistance.

Will things get heated in the kitchen or will Jack be as cool as a cucumber? Check out this classic episode and see for your for yourself.

This episode originally aired on March 23, 1982.

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