VHS Rewind! – 7th Annual Christmas Mix

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind! - 7th Annual Christmas Mix

The Christmas Season is upon us once again and VHS Rewind has placed under your mistletoe an all-new Xmas music spectacular!!!

Whether you are wrapping presents, trimming your tree or driving for hours to the relatives this Xmas, we hope you will take a listen to the show and let us bring some joy and non-PC humor to your Xmas season. Lot of surprises are wrapped in this episode including an Xmas tune sung (in his own inimitable style) by a soon-to-be-Oscar nominated IRISHMAN (!), an Xmas song-fable set during an Indian massacre of the white man (!!!), special Xmas messages from big names in the world of country music plus the usual eclectic selection of tune styles (we got polka Xmas, disco Xmas, blues Xmas) and so much more. Grab your eggnog and enjoy the show.

The VHS Rewind! family wishes everyone a very Happy and Safe Xmas!!

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