VHS Rewind! – Episode 60 – Wonderbug (1976)

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind! - Episode 60 - Wonderbug (1976)

VHS Rewind!

Season 5 Episode 12

Wonderbug (1976)
Made in the waning days of the Krofft empire, Wonderbug still stands out as a quite entertaining little diversion. With each episode running at around 10+ minutes, and functioning as basically a Human cartoon, Wonderbug is the story of thee teenagers in their late 20’s who discover a magic horn that they attach to a rotted out old dune buggy, which, when honked, turns it into the magical, red, sometimes full size, sometimes plastic toy, sometimes hand puppet, Schlepcar! As stated before, the episodes are short, so they rarely outstay their welcome, despite the general silliness of the premise.

So, join Mark and David as they get nostalgic about all things Krofft, and delve deep into the lost (as in Land of the) classic from the 70’s, Wonderbug!

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