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The 5th Annual Halloween Mixtape

VHS Rewind!
The 5th Annual Halloween Mixtape

Back from the Dead: the listener-demanded return of VHS Rewind’s Super Spooky Halloween Music Episode! And we have pulled out all the stops to make this episode priceless…or, rather, Price-full. We have none other than Vincent Price acting as our master (monster?) of ceremonies, providing us with a history of Halloween, introducing some of the tunes during the show(!), even singing a song himself(!!) and providing a glimpse into horror movies(!!!). And, of course, the episode featuress VHS Rewinds’s patented blend of the most intriguing music you quite possibly have not heard before: Sometimes Scary and spooky, sometimes danceable and always downright listenable – we hope you give this episode a listen during this Halloween season as you carve those pumpkins, make those costumes or wait for trick-or-treaters to come to take your candy. VHS Rewind hopes you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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