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The Annual Chris Hasler 2020 Christmas Mixtape

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
The Annual Chris Hasler 2020 Christmas Mixtape

“…with a heart full of wishes, tied up with ribbons of love, this gift that I give may seem small, but I’d like to wrap up a dream for you all…”

Ho! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of (hot buttered) rum…VHS Rewind!’s resident disc jockey, Christopher Hasler, has prepared his annual batch of Christmas hooch!

With this episode, VHS Rewind! is gifting listeners with some Christmas cheer and laughter (even if, as we are reminded during this episode, Elvis Wont Be Here for Christmas)

…and after the year that we have all gone through, who doesn’t want some Christmas cheer and laughter?  (even if Elvis Wont Be Here for Christmas)

Let DJ Christopher be your Santa Claus as he presents a veritable Yule Log (although, at only approx. 90 minutes, perhaps just a Yule Ember? But it burns no less brightly) chock full of Christmas music, Christmas editorials, Christmas comedy, Christmas tears, letters to Santa, and very special holiday wishes to you from a cavalcade of guest stars (we are not telling you who – you have to unwrap this episode by listening to find out although we will say this about one such guest star: only Lou Reed can wish everyone a Happy Holidays and make it sound like something off his BERLIN LP). In addition, it always seems like the New Years holiday plays second fiddle to the Christmas holidays and is otherwise generally forgotten (New Years is to Christmas what Joe Besser is to Moe and Larry; or, wait, wait, maybe New Years is to Christmas what Candy Candido is to Bud Abbott) so we wanted to rectify that and include some festive New Years holiday songs too.

And speaking of the New Year, VHS Rewind! wants to wish all of our listeners and FB members a very Happy, Merry & Wilbury-est Holidays and, to paraphrase the honorable Colonel Sherman T. Potter:

Here’s to the New Year. May she be a damn sight better than the old one, and may this COVID crisis all be over soon.

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