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THE DONNY & MARIE SHOW / October 1977 Halloween Episode

For the final episode of VHS Rewind’s October 2015 / Halloween scare fest, we wanted to present a special Halloween treat for our listeners, with a mighty Marvel Two-In-One crossover event featuring our sister podcast, More Bad Apples (which, for the uninitiated, focuses on all things related to the first family of music, The Osmond Family, with a heavy emphasis on the two talented members of that family, Donny and Marie).

Alas, this may have turned out to be more trick than treat.

Episodes of The Donny & Marie Show can usually be counted on to deliver some good, solidly cheesy fun and entertainment. In particular, holiday-themed episodes generally feature the show firing on all cylinders and pulling out all the stops.

This Halloween episode is, on the whole, a lackluster affair.

Which isn’t to say there isn’t a lot to discuss.

Oh, poor Kristy McNichol and her unresolved feelings for Donny.


kristy kristy 2

Oh, what they do to poor Shirley Hemphill!


Was Billy Crystal ever fucking funny? Besides RUNNING SCARED (1986), I mean?

Can Donny deliver a credible version of the song “Turn The Beat Around”?

Hmmm, maybe there is a treat waiting for you listeners after all.

We hope you will rest your trick-or-treat bags for a little while and spend some time with VHS Rewind’s hosts, Mark & Chris, as they revisit this surreal episode of The Donny & Marie Show.

And we hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!





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