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Tuff Turf (1985)

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Tuff Turf (1985)


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Mark and Chris discuss TUFF TURF which originally appeared in theaters on January 11, 1985!  For me,Tuff Turf brings back memories of watching movies on cable tv. This 80’s cult hit is about a young lad who’s life is turned upside down when his upper class father hits financial trouble forcing his family to move out to the ‘hood. James Spader slowly learns how to deal with street life whilst his family adjusts to dealing with people that are of “lower social class”. It’s an Interesting film starring James Spader as the young punk rich kid, Matt Clark as his shell shocked father, Robert Downey Jr. as his high school buddy and Kim Richards (Escape To Witch Mountain) as his soon to be girlfriend. Little House on the Prairie fans should be on the lookout for Olivia Barash who played “Sylvia” in the very dark ‘rape’ episode of LHOTP! The only part of the movie that gave me the douche chills was when his older (more culturally refined yet not as cool) brother pays a visit, there’s an oedipal conflict between the two (the scene where the older brother embraces his mom far too long and hugs her too close for comfort) that would have given Freud a thrill to try and psycho-analyzed.

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