Mixtape Rewind – Warrior Soul: Last Decade Dead Century (1990)

Episode #7 – Warrior Soul: Last Decade Dead Century (1990)

In this episode of Mixtape Rewind Mark is joined by Geno Cuddy to discuss the remarkable 1990 debut album from Warrior Soul, Last Decade Dead Century!

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TV Rewind – Where’s Rodney? (1990)

Episode #1 – Where’s Rodney? (1990)


From the Phuyuck and For Your Consideration Podcast Archives we bring you repackaged and brand new episodes!!

VHS Rewind! Creators, Mark Jeacoma and Chris Hasler discuss the 1990 pilot episode of Where’s Rodney?

A 12 year old boy looks for advice and inspiration from his idol – stand-up comic Rodney Dangerfield!