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Fingers (1978)

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Fingers (1978)

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In this PhuYuck throwback episode I bring you, FINGERS!

In this episode Chris and mark discuss the 1978 Harvey Keitel film, Fingers.

“A dysfunctional young man is pulled between loyalties to his Italian mob-connected loan shark father and his mentally disturbed Jewish concert pianist mother.”

For your Consideration was a podcast that Alex Saltz and Mark started back in the summer of 2011, the goal was to review the Pilot episodes of TV shows and Chris Hasler began co-hosting with Mark towards the end of season 1.  Eventually, Chris and Mark would end the For Your Consideration show after 24 episodes to start a new show, with a focus on films entitled PhuYuck in January of 2013. PhuYuck would run for a total of 10 episodes before Chris and Mark renamed the show and started over again, with VHS Rewind! which encapsulates ALL retro tv and film.

We hope you like this look back at where the current show came from.

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