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MBA – The 1st Donny & Marie Show!

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
MBA - The 1st Donny & Marie Show!

Season 1 Episode 3

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Donny & Marie kicked off their iconic television show with their first ever episode on November 16, 1975. And what a resplendent episode it is, chock full of so many amazing bad apples. Your hosts Mark and Chris discuss all of the amazing (and, in Chris’ case, mind blowing) highlights: the Osmond brothers presenting a trippy (and hilariously costumed) performance of the song “Gotta Get Love”; Donny does a karate workout (!) with Chuck Norris(!!!!); and so much more. Please give us a listen and share the bad apples with us.


A special thank you to Dave Evans for not only the support but for providing a remarkable collection of Osmond classics to the public!

Visit his YouTube channel NOW!

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