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TV Rewind – The Brady Bunch (1969)

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TV Rewind - The Brady Bunch (1969)

Episode #6 – The Brady Bunch (1969)


From the Phuyuck and For Your Consideration Podcast Archives we bring you repackaged and brand new episodes!!

VHS Rewind! Creators, Mark Jeacoma and Chris Hasler discuss The Brady Bunch (1969)


3 thoughts on “TV Rewind – The Brady Bunch (1969)

  • Hi you guys miss a lot of stuff. Like for every one of the other Brady spin off shows one of the girls didn’t do that show. Eve Plum wasn’t on The Brady Variety Hour. Susan Olsen wasn’t in A Very Brady Christmas and Maureen McComick wasn’t in The Bradys.

  • I also watch both What’s Happen and What’s Happen Now. Please do 9 to 5 TV show it was on ABC for the two seasons got can and then was pick up for syndicate for all of the other seasons. Fun Fact the role that Dolly Parton played in the movie was play on the TV series by her younger sister Rachel Dennison

    • 9 to 5 sounds like a fun show to do! Thanks for the suggestion and for listening! Don’t forget to visit us over at the VHS Rewind Group on Facebook!


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