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Walnut GroveCast Episode 3 – My Ellen

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
Walnut GroveCast Episode 3 - My Ellen


Episode 3 – My Ellen



Mark, Christopher and Chris discuss the dark and classic episode from Season 4, My Ellen. My Ellen is the 3rd episode in the 4th Season and First aired on September 26, 1977.

Memorable Quotes:
Eloise Taylor: I asked God for a miracle today. I prayed by my baby’s grave. I asked him to make her alive today. He can do that. He’s done greater things than that.
Reverend Robert Alden: Eloise, it’s not…
Eloise Taylor: Don’t tell me it’s not my place to question God. They’re covering my baby out there with dirt. It’ll be so dark… My Ellen was always so afraid of the dark. God doesn’t care about me and God doesn’t care about Ellen. Don’t you come around here no more. No more!
Cal Taylor: Eloise…
Reverend Robert Alden: It’s alright. I’ll go.
Eloise Taylor: [Picks up bible] And take your damn book with you!
[throws Bible at him]

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