WarGames (1983) #deezenpalooza

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
WarGames (1983) #deezenpalooza


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Deezenpalooza continues!  Matthew Broderick plays a precocious teen who accidentally hacks into a government computer (the W.O.P.R.) and starts World War III.  Along for the (moped-driven) ride is Ally Sheedy and reliable 80s jerk, Dabney Coleman.  John Badham (taking over after Martin Brest was fired) directs a thoughtful screenplay by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes.  Eddie Deezen and Maury Chaykin put in solid cameos as a pair of programmers who assist Broderick’s character in searching for an elusive password.

Mark and Christopher discuss this hacker classic from 1983!

Vintage Cable Box review of Wargames

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