1941 (1979) #deezenpalooza

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
1941 (1979) #deezenpalooza



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Deezenpalooza continues!  This will be our last review in the DEEZENPALOOZA Summer Event!  Spielberg’s 1941….what can I say?  What can I say?  I will say nothing – go listen to the podcast…

Danny Peary writes, in his indispensable Guide for the Film Fanatic, “Pointless mayhem was directed by Steven Spielberg, although it’s the type of comedy (i.e. Casino Royale) that looks like it was directed by anyone who came along.  At the outset the film has some period flavor, introduces some promising characters, but it becomes increasingly stupid; it is alternately smutty, racist, cruel (unless you think watching someone’s house slide off a cliff is funny) – it is always wasteful of it’s large budget.”


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