A Christmas Music Collection

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
A Christmas Music Collection

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Mark and I want to wish all of our podcast listeners and Facebook followers a very Happy and Safe Holidays.
Our one holiday wish is to spend the holidays with everyone and share a spiked eggnog while sitting in front of your Christmas tree or, as applicable, share a Manischewitz Sangria Martini (which sounds delicious: http://www.chron.com/life/food/article/Next-year-a-Manischewitz-Sangria-Martini-in-1780314.php) while sitting around the Menorah.
We hope you will take us into your home this holiday weekend as we present to you a special episode devoted to some off-the-beaten-track holiday music (all focused on the Christmas holidays – sorry Jews!).
You will not hear any of * this * Christmas music playing in your local Walmart while you do your holiday shopping.
This playlist covers the entire musical spectrum of the holidays: blues; disco; funk; pop; the weird, the unclassifiable. And, as an extra special treat, Lorne Greene joins the show to tell several (!) stories that teach us all the true Spirit of Christmas. He also sings (!!) a song about Christmas too.
We hope you answer our holiday wish by downloading the episode and give it a listen as you sip your (hopefully very potent) holiday drink.

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