The Osmond’s Christmas Special (1976) – VHS Rewind! Episode 16

VHS Rewind!
VHS Rewind!
The Osmond's Christmas Special (1976) - VHS Rewind! Episode 16

VHS Rewind!

Season 2 – Episode 4
The Osmonds Christmas Special (1976)



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Christopher Hasler:  VHS Rewind continues bringing on the Xmas cheer as we visit with the Osmond family circa 1976 and The Osmond Family Christmas Special. The gang’s all here including Donny and Marie and the other, less talented Osmond brothers (after spending an hour watching this show we still cant remember all of their names), even Mom and Dad Osmond join in the festivities (Mom Osmond even plays saxophone!). As an extra special present, the Osmond brood is joined by Andy Williams (of course) and the always incredible Paul Lynde. Join VHS Rewind for christmas carols, lame comedy bits, wacky fashion sense, bad comb-overs, and even a cheesy mustache, all in the inimitable Osmond family style..






2 thoughts on “The Osmond’s Christmas Special (1976) – VHS Rewind! Episode 16

  • this christmas speciale from the originale donny and marie show when paul lyde came dressed as santa claus in 1977 such as nbc

  • the originale donny and marie show premmierd in 1975 produced by sid and marty krofft krofft thankyou same coustumes were made in osmond studions in la vagous so stages were used for telavishion for nbc sigmud and the seamonsters 1974 well sid called and said can donny and marie have a show marty said yes in 1975 donny and marie made their show in 1975 same one to other shows paul lyde guest stared and manny more thankyou to every donny and marie fan and thankyou all


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